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Who we are

Reflecting on our journey today, as both a proud mother and the founder of Level Up Remodeling. From a small town in Brazil to this very moment, my path has been shaped by determination, family support, and a burning passion for remodeling.

Growing up alongside my father who is a carpenter, i witnessed the artistry and dedication that goes into transforming spaces. It was through those experiences that my own love for remodeling took root.

Level Up Remodeling is not just a company—it's the embodiment of a life story and a dream. I consider myself fortunate to be surrounded by an incredibly talented team that shares the same values of consistency, integrity, honesty, craftsmanship, and hard work.

Together, we strive to turn our clients' dreams into reality, creating spaces that inspire and bring joy. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey with us. Let's continue to build beautiful futures, one project at a time.

Our Projects

We take great pride in our projects!

We have a dedicated and experienced team that works tirelessly to create custom and unique projects that meet the needs of each client. Discover how we turn dreams into reality!

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